Sample Buffet Menu

Notice prices MAY reflect a small increase based on the current situtation.   "Please check in to see where things stand".
Prices will be gauranteed at least 6 months in advance, thanks in advance for your understanding.

300+ people = $13.95 , 200 to 300 people = $14.50
99 to 199 people = $14.95, 50 to 100 people = $15.25-$16.50
under 50 people = $16.50 to $17.95
all prices plus tax

Tossed Mixed Green Salad
or Caesar salad
Rolls and Butter
Fresh Vegetable Tray


Entrees: (choose two)                             Other Entrees:
Baked Chicken                       (Replace one  on the left for $1.75)
Applewood Baked Ham                        (Add one for $2.45)                 
3 Cheese  Meatballs                              Chicken MarsalaChicken Marsala 
Polish Sausage                                       Chicken Cacciatore

White Chicken Parmesan                        Beef Pot Roast
Chicken N'Orleans                                Pork Pot Roast

                                                              Baked Lasagna
Potatoes and Starches:                          Stuffed Shell
(choose one)                                           Shrimp Scampi
Mashed Potatoes                                          
Mashed Red Potatoes                              

Buttered Reds w/ Parsley               Premimum Entrees (Call for Price)
Baked Idaho Potatoes                        Roast Prime Rib of Beef

Rice Pilaff                                         Stuffed  Pork Chops
                                                            Flank Steak w/ Creole Sauce


Vegetables: (choose one)               Other Potatoes/Starches/Vegetable:
Buttered Green beans                          (Replace one for .95,
Buttered Corn                                                 add one $1.45)
Steamed Vegetable Blend                      Scalloped Potatoes
                                                               Augratin Potatoes
                                                                  Pasta alfredo
Beverages:                                            Green Bean Casserole
Coffee, tea, milk and Ice water        Honey Glazed Baby Carrots

     **  The items above are just a sampling of foods 
available. Please contact us for your special needs
 and to see what is new.....Thank You **


* Real dishes and flatware included.
* No cash deposit required.
* Payment required the day of (unless prior arrangements)
* We will cut and serve wedding cake if needed at no charge.
* Prices subject to change based on current economy.











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